Bruce Nowlin released a new track, You’re The One, on spotify

Bored of listening to lyrics?? Nothing to worry about, cause we have got your back. Listen to Bruce Nowlin’s new track, You’re the one, on Spotify and rediscover music. He is a music wizard. His fingertips are enough to calm your mind.

The track has generated a significant number of views. It is solely for music enthusiasts. If you are not one, you will certainly become one after listening to his tracks. One after the other, you will find yourself in a different world.

Where to find Bruce Nowlin??

You can find all the social media accounts and streaming platforms of Bruce’s linked below but we strongly suggest you read along to know more about Bruce Nowlin. You can listen to the song and read along.

About Bruce Nowlin

Bruce Nowlin’s love for music started at an early age. His father was a fan of Hank Williams and Roy Orbison, his mother loved classical music and new age while his sister was into country music and lite rock. So, it should come as no surprise that his music drew inspiration from a plethora of sources. 

Growing up in the ’80s, when bands like AC/DC and Def Leppard were rising to fame, Bruce started taking guitar lessons to nurture his appetite for music. He didn’t stick to it and didn’t become the next David Gilmore as he envisioned it in his early teens, but this was a great introduction to the realm of synthesizers, percussion instruments, and bass guitar.

With such a wonderful personality and all the skills, he is ready to go to the top. You can help him by listening to his tracks. His music is super chill and will make you fall in love with his work. 

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Reminder: Listen to You’re the one  now.

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