Rapper/Songwriter Slacker One Releases new song on Spotify.

Slacker one is an amazon rapper/songwriter who has been gaining a lot of attention from the music industry’s big bulls, and why wouldn’t he? His tracks sound top level, some even better than the big producers’ tracks.

Slacker recently released his new single Holy Moly on Spotify. The song has already generated a significant amount of plays and is going viral worldwide. Don’t miss out on this wonder of a song. Listen to Slacker One’s song now, exclusively on Spotify.

About Slacker One

Slacker one is from the small town of Ontario, Canada. Without much of a hip hop scene locally growing up, artists such as Eminem influenced him a lot. 

He has been writing lyrics at a young age. He wasn’t as good when he started. He worked hard, and his dedication bore fruit. With a creative mind, and dreamy voice, Slacker One is ready to rise to the top.

He has been officially releasing music as Slacker since December 2019. New to the scene, not many have heard of this lyrical Canadian yet. But he’s been releasing a track every other week to his YouTube channel and has recently started to release songs on Spotify which is going great so far.

Slacker has music for everyone, from deep, heavily relatable tracks. Tracks to inspire critical thinking and to open your mind. Or just overall fun party tracks. Such as  Holy Moly. It’s guaranteed he will have something for you too!

If you have heard his songs, you can relate to this. But, if you haven’t listened to his songs, you should listen to them now. Start with Holy Moly, the new release. You listen to one song, you crave for more. That’s just how good Slacker is.

His voice is enough to influence people. Accompanied by his lyrics writing skills, he is someone who’s is truly hard to look over. Being heard is what pushes him. He loves to connect and wants to establish a global presence.

Where to find Slacker One??

You can find his songs and tracks on Spotify and Youtube.

You can follow him on Instagram. You will get recent updates about his new releases and get to know him better as a person. Join Slacker One on his journey to greatness.

Reminder: Listen to  Holy Moly now!!!

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