J-Kal Kalifornia Releases New Song on Spotify

J-Kal Kalifornia is a rising artist. HE has been gaining much attention from the industry lately. His mesmerizing skills are being recognized globally.

He recently released his new song Lets turn it up on Spotify. This song has generated many plays and has gained much attention. Check it out now on Spotify!

His new album, Covid-19 the Pandemic, is all about helping people go through tough times. 2020 was the complete experience of hell on earth. People like Kal are fighting and helping us to fight against those evils. 

His hardwork and dedication deserve appreciation. All you need to do is plug in your earphones and listen to J-Kal Kalifornia’s tracks, and from the next time, you wouldn’t need to read something before you hear his songs. You will fall in love with his tracks.

About J-Kal Kalifornia

Gary Jermaine Smith, aka J-Kal Kalifornia, is from the West Coast. He has had local radio exposure and has proven to be an artist ready to expand his career, moving thousands of units in many different cities and states with the catchy flow he uses in multiple ways. 

He does most of his work independently, like creating his cd covers, writing, composing, recording, mixing and mastering, and making his beats. He is a real workhorse. His passion and dedication for music gives him an edge over the others. 

Kalifornia can be a total weapon in the music industry if given the right opportunity. Kal has proven to be an artist ready to expand, releasing a series of mix-tapes through his early career, including a few freestyle albums for promotion use.

In 2019, the artist released two Ep’sEp’s and a dvd now on youtube titled “Walking Through Las Vegas,” alongside “2k,” a special edition song prepared for the NBA 2k20 video game. He also released a few other tracks which turned out to be massive hits. 

He is hungry for success and is ready to reach new limits. Dont ignore his talent; his songs can be a real mood enhancer for you.

Where to Find J-Kal Kalifornia?

You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can get to know him better and can receive updates about his new releases and show dates. 

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