Rapper/Songwriter Bennett releases new single on Spotify

Bennett is a fantastic rapper and songwriter. His excellent voice and lyrics make his work special. 

Bennett recently released his new track Future on Spotify. His song will mesmerize you. If you are bored and tired, check his song out. It will pump you up hard and will give you more energy than coffee.

About Bennett

Bennett, formerly E. Bennett, a singer/rapper and songwriter.He was raised in New York City. Bennett started to daze with music at a young age of two years . Being able to find one’s passion at a very young age is something not everyone can do. 

People often talk about their sad past and how it made them a better person.All of their combined will fall short for Bennett’s story. It is truly inspiring. He quoted, “Growing up transgender was not easy and what made it easier was having music with emotional and heart felt lyrics to be able to express what I could not.” 

In 2012, Bennett got his start as an entertainer when he was signed to Look A Likes USA as a Justin Bieber impersonator. He traveled all over the country performing Justin’s songs and dances in baseball stadiums and special events, all of which he sang live and carefully learned the dances to go with the songs. After his contract was up, he decided he would start making his music.

Having gone through many trials and tribulations, years of dedication, and not giving up, he soon found his way of making music his life. He has gone on to work with artists like Bizarre from D12 and Dribbz, a talented artist from the U.K.; producers like Eldar-Q and Legion Beats. Having released three albums and much more music on the way, he looks forward to the next chapter in his music career as he continues to grow and mature as an artist.

Music changed his life, and that’s what he is trying to do. His tracks are genuinely inspiring and something one shouldn’t ignore. Chase your dreams and if you fall, stand up higher than before. His story should inspire you a lot.

Where to Find Bennett??

You can find his tracks on Spotify

You can follow him on Instagram, and Facebook. There you can find live updates about his new releases and get to know him better. 

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