Reddit Community Ranks Top 100 Electronic Albums of the Decade –

A dance music subreddit is reigniting the discussion around the genre’s top albums, calling on its members to rank the “Top 100 Electronic Albums” of the 2010s.r/electronicmusic has been working over the last few months to organize the masses to narrow down the Top 100 rankings. They broke the process up into three phases, which included the nomination stage, the Top 100 Selection stage, and finally the Top 100 Ranking. At the time of this publication, they still have the final top five to place, but so far the results have revealed an order that would gain mass endorsement even outside of the Reddit community.Making the Top 100 are some standouts, including Odesza’s A Moment Apart, Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach, Gessafflestein’s Aleph, and Porter Robinson’s Worlds. Check out the top 21-30 albums below, as well as the top 20 albums that are advancing to the final round. To check out the past results, nominations, and groups from the previous rounds, go to this spreadsheet. To vote for the top five albums of the 2010s, click here. c/o u/adirtybubblec/o u/adirtybubble

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