Fresh M’s Released New song, $moke Sesh, on Spotify

Looking for some good and groovy music??? You have hit the jackpot.  Listen to 

$moke Sesh by Fresh M’s now and get that body moving.

The song has generated a significant number of views and has the potential to go famous within a week. You should not miss out on this one. It will take only 3 minutes, and these 3 minutes will make you fall in love with Fresh M’s.

Where to find Fresh M’s and his work??

There are direct links to Fresh M’s social media accounts in the end. You can scroll down if you want to connect with him right away OR you can continue reading to know about him and his awesome journey. You can plug those earphones in and play 

$moke Sesh  while you read along.

About Fresh M’s

He started making music at the age of 18. Fresh M’s is from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is 22 now and is on the top of his game. Four years into the making and ready to take on the music industry by storm.

He has a vision and the whole hearted intention of making it big. This is more than just a hobby for him, it’s a lifestyle that he has grown into. He has learned from the best to become the best he can be and he is going to inspire huge changes in this world. He works for what he loves and he doesn’t quit, so remember the name, Fresh M’s.

He is dedicated and works hard. He is inspired by other artists who have been through  the same struggles that he has gone through and still go through on a daily basis but eventually came out the other side of the storm to accomplish the vision that only they saw and believed in for years until it finally became true. 

He is a figure to be admired. He portrays his struggles through his music and guides other people who are going through the same phrase he was once in. His songs are stories and will give you chills.  So wait no more, go listen to $moke Sesh now on Spotify.

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