Jessica Lynne Witty releases new single on Spotify

If you love country music, you must be familiar with Jessica Lynne Witty. If you don’t love country music, she can make you fall in love with it. She recently released her new single, Hail Mary, on Spotify.

The song has already generated thousands of plays and is getting a lot of attention. Check it out now on Spotify.

About Jessica Lynne Witty

Jessica was born in Haslev, Denmark. She was not actively interested in country music until she was 12. One afternoon, she was home and watched CMT music video channel streaming some country music with which she fell in love. 

Her music career started growing rapidly when she moved to the US in 2010. And why wouldn’t it? Her passion and love for music, amazing vocals and songwriting skills, and exceptional work ethic gave her a huge boost. 

Within just a few years, she had taken top honors at the Washington state level of the Texaco Country Showdown–the nation’s largest country music talent search–and released a string of singles. “Calling Me Home,” her 2014 ode to her newfound home in the Pacific Northwest, was added to Play Network’s rotation of music used in stores and malls globally. The song’s music video won the “Audience Choice” award at the Seattle Shorts Film Festival in 2016.

Her first Nashville album, Catch Me If You Can, was released in 2016, with her follow-up released in June 2019. She recorded her 2016 album while working with Larry Beaird. She gained a lot of fans. People passionate about country music could never ignore her talent. She got attention from big artists as well and has worked with a lot of them.

Jessica introduced the rock and gospel influences on her latest Nashville Recording, “Warning Label” (2019), teaming up with Beaird Music Group. After recently signing with Gregory Talent and Promotion out of Nashville, TN, she has extended her reach from a regional to national act. Her 2020 award-winning single “Crazy On The Outside” has set the tone for a whole new chapter in Jessica Lynne Witty’s career.

Recently she has been releasing quite a few songs. It would be best if you don’t miss out on her songs. 

So, What are you waiting for?? Go check out Jessica’s new song  Hail Mary now!!!

Where to find Jessica? 

You can check out her songs on Spotify and Youtube.

You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can get to know her better and can receive updates about her new releases and show dates. Her true spirit of music is what makes her so great. She is sharing her energy through her songs; make sure you get a piece of it. Listen to Jessica Lynne Witty now!! out on these. The songs can be a good edition for your playlist. She is all over the music industry now and seems unstoppable. She will reach the top of the ladder and will not stop until she achieves her goals.

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