Band Out of Pity release a new song on Spotify

In this modern era of virtual music, bands like Out of Pity, keep vintage music alive using modern ways. They recently released their new song, Boring You, on Spotify. 

The irony is Boring You will help you get rid of boredom. The passion they have for music is unmatched. 

About Out of Pity

What happened when the world went to lockdown? People stopped getting out of their houses and started getting lazy. Meanwhile, somewhere on the internet, five people from different parts of the UK got together to form a band. They began writing songs online and producing them online too. 

Everyone was struck by COVID 19, and we are still fighting it. In these days of pity, these five people decided to spark some light on the darkness. 

They are going viral and are all over the internet. People love the way they mixed the orthodox methods with the new ones to produce their music. They might just be the next Beatles or, to be precise, the Cyber Beatles. They have huge potential. The music they are making is touching everyone’s hearts. 

Listen to them on Spotify now, and you might discover the band you love the most. 

These creative people just took work from home to a whole new level. They are setting a perfect example that anyone can achieve anything with real dedication and hard work. 

Creativity runs in their veins. Their songs tell stories. Those vintage vibes with modern-day perfection give chills.

It would be best if you did not ignore this, or you might regret it later. You can be the first one amongst your friends who is a fan of Out of Pity. They are going famous pretty soon, and you should not miss the opportunity to brag about it.

Where to find Out of Pity?

You can find them on their website. Also, you can find Out of Pity on youtube and tiktok.

Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You do not want to miss out on live updates about ‘the next big thing.’ You can get to know them better on their social media platforms. Stay tuned for more songs and listen to Boring You now on Spotify!

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