After the Success of ‘Soundtrack of a Nightmare’, Davide laugelli is all set to Release his Upcoming Album in 2021

They say age is just a number, and the statement is even truer in the world of music, where art is the only factor that matters. Musician Davide laugelli is proving that with his work and is rising up the ranks pretty fast. His upcoming album is scheduled to release in 2021. 

About Davide laugelli

Davide started his career in music after the age of 28, before which he had no experience of even playing any musical instrument. His journey in music started only after he pursued music as a discipline in the university at the age of 28. Since then, Davide has collaborated with several brands recording a total of 10 records, half of which as a session musician. He released his first album back in 2017, named, Soundtrack of a Nightmare. The songs were an instrumental composition for two basses, fretted and fretless, synthesizer and drums. The album was widely appreciated by the masses. It went on to feature in a chart in Belgium. So much so, that Davide ended up performing in various events in United Kingdom, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. 

Davide is of the opinion that music should be treated just like music – as a singular art form, rather than creating divides. His humble approach towards the art reflects in his compositions, the reason why his work has been widely accepted and appreciated across the world. 

On being asked about his musical journey thus far, Davide replied, ‘In 2008 with a glam rock band. From there I moved on to death metal, the genre in which I moved for the most but I also had experiences in black and gothic metal.’ He added that music inspires him the most and he is an avid listener of any well-delivered sound form. ‘I have a background as a metal listener and as a scholar of art music, passing through jazz, rock, pop, ethnic music. From all this cauldron my compositions are born, for this reason when they ask me the kind of belonging I always answer: music, for me, it is nothing but music. Everyone can give them the cataloguing they prefer.’

Davide laugelli – Upcoming release

Davide’s upcoming album is scheduled to be released in 2021. Looking at how successful his previous ventures turned out, the expectations are even higher this time. He has recorded this album as a session man. On being asked about the theme of this album, Davide explained, ‘It is an avant-garde black metal record where I think I have recorded some of the best bass lines since playing. Here too I used both fretted and fretless. It is due for release in 2021.’ 

To get a taste of his music and previous albums, head on to Spotify and stream. 

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