Singer Cristian Ivan Herrera Releases New Single On Spotify, Available To Stream Now

Singer Cristian Ivan Herrera has released a brand new album called “Day of The Dead” on Spotify. It is a debut release for the artist this year and has been in works at the studio for some time now. 

We talked to Cristian Ivan Herrera about his newest release, his plans in 2020, and what we can expect from him in the future.

About Cristian Ivan Herrera:

Cristian Ivan Herrera is a singer, songwriter, emcee, and producer in the United States. 

Growing up, Cristian Ivan Herrera was inspired by the genres of Hip-Hop and Rock, two of his favorites. As he would grow up and start to get involved in music, he took his unique taste of genres and added his own twist to it, often combining the two, constantly innovating and experimenting with his sound. Cristian Ivan Herrera sees no barriers in his creative process and is not afraid to try something new. His immense versatility is to die for, accommodating almost any kind of listener with the wide range of styles involved.

We asked Cristian Ivan Herrera about where his inspiration as an artist and songwriter comes from. He answered that since a young age, he had always been writing and performing. Music is so much more than a hobby or a career to him. It makes up for a big chunk of life where he would not have known what to do without music. Everywhere he goes and everything he does – he always has music with him. That is the part of making music he admires the most. The innate ability that music carries to help someone get through hard times, and shining a light. Making music to help bring light to the world. 

Although he had always been interested in becoming a musician, he actually started taking music seriously when he built himself a home studio which is where he wrote his first self-produced singles. 

There is an eclectic combo of genres and styles. “Day of The Dead“, which is the track Cristian Ivan Herrera says is his favorite from the whole album, is about finding yourself and not letting the outside world distract you from the light and powers within. It is a powerful melody with heartfelt lyrics that is sure to melt your heart.

Where Can I Find Cristian Ivan Herrera?

Cristian Ivan Herrera continues to create new music every day and will be releasing new tunes as soon as possible. The single resumes performing well on Spotify and Cristian Ivan Herrera is a name we hope to see popping up more in the future.

You can listen to Herrera’s song on Spotify. He is also available and active on social media platforms such as Instagram at @cristianivanherrera. One can follow him there to learn more about him from a personal angle as well as be up to date with his latest releases.

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