Vinay Kumar Nevatia: The born dancer


In the time of western dance structures like Hip-Hop, B-boying, and Ballet, Divercity found a spirit who jam Indian culture and legacy through his dance, in his heart. In Vinay Kumar Nevatia, we found a Kathak maestro as well as, an enormously unassuming individual and his story left us propelled.

Conceived and raised in Ludhiana, Punjab; Vinay Kumar was brought into the world in a group of music darlings. Not many individuals realize that this faultless kathak artist was an Indian Classical artist from the start. His dad consistently needed to turn into an expert artist yet conditions troubled with him a few obligations and even his family didn’t uphold his fantasy.Vinay Kumar’s mom was essential for a sanctuary’s Sankirtan Mandal where she used to sing bhajans and beat the dholak.

Since the time he was 2 years, he used to follow alongside his mom and that is the manner by which he began singing. At 3 years old, he conveyed his first stage execution in school on the event of Children’s Day. His singing was exceptionally valued and thus, begun his music preparing. He likewise began taking an interest in different rivalries speaking to his school and furthermore in rivalries at the region level.

Vinay Kumar Nevatia

Turning Point of his life

Aside from these, there was a significant new development when Vinay Kumar Nevatia met the renowned Kathak dance YouTuber Svetlana Tulasi. Intrigued by his dance recordings, she had reached him and communicated her desire to team up in a two part harmony with him. This began a decent companionship which was additionally developed following a year when she connected with him in regards to an exceptionally charming news. Svetlana had partaken in the unscripted TV drama Russia’s Got Talent and she ended up demonstrating Kumar’s dance recordings to the channel. She educated him that they adored his work and needed him to come and proceed as a visitor with her on their show.

He traveled to Russia, did the show and their moving video circulated around the web and assembled gigantic public evaluation. Their couple was drawn nearer by the channel Star Plus to perform at their show Dance+. Aside from India and Russia, Vinay Kumar additionally cast his wizardry in London where he did various shows. The feature among them was a melodic which had finished 60 of its shows. Back in his country, he did one more melodic at the Kingdom of Dreams where he played the lead, Abhimanyu. Another accomplishment of his that not many individuals know about is the way that he had sung the title track for the every day cleanser ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’ that circulated on Zing.

As of now, Vinay Kumar is arranging for different unscripted TV dramas. He just got done with chipping away at the show India’s Best Judwaa on Zee TV. He is additionally proceeding with his dance classes in his Academy alongside going for his dance recordings. His Kathak combination dance recordings of the tunes ‘State of You’ and ‘Kaala Chashma’ got a mind-boggling reaction from the general population and they had circulated around the web. He’s additionally dealing with a World Tour that will begin in the period of September and go on till the finish of this current year. He’s wanting to cover Canada, US, Indonesia, Italy, Europe and China.

indian dancer

His Success

Investigating the future, Vinay Kumar shares that he needs the world to consider him to be an entertainer simply like his object of worship Michael Jackson. He would like to see a day when he will concoct a special dance style and dance just to his own tunes. Pursuing this objective, Vinay Kumar enlightens us concerning his arrangements of delivering his own tune soon that will have the wonderful mix of both singing and moving.

With very of an involvement with the field of Dance, Kumar says that the degree of dance in India has expanded multifold. The opposition is truly extreme, particularly with so many dance unscripted TV dramas picking up notoriety. Almost certainly, there is a ton of degree however making an imprint won’t be simple. He guarantees the dance competitors saying that once a craftsman arrives at a specific platform in the field of dance or any performing workmanship besides, the profits one harvests is profoundly fulfilling.

This is the motivation behind why there is such a huge amount of rivalry as everybody knows about the expected degrees. Yet, Mumbai has shown him only one thing that he needs to pass on, for example never surrender and continue battling. On the off chance that one continues battling, one will definitely succeed one day and cash would simply follow. He says that no artist will actually cease to exist of appetite in quite a worthwhile field. He encourages all guardians that in the event that they see a flash of ability in their youngster, they should prepare them well. In the event that their youngster is truly gifted and is all around prepared, at that point he/she will without a doubt be effective.

His message to our perusers,

“When life gives you chance Snatch that chance and make your fantasies materialize independent of your work, duties or age. Recollect it’s rarely past the point of no return. The main condition is strive for really with your heart and you will be compensated.

Continue moving. Continue following and supporting me since it implies a great deal.”

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