Rapper Gavin Brock Drops New Single On Soundcloud

Rap artist Gavin Brock has just debuted his newest track on SoundCloud called Curse. The song has been in the works at their studio for some time now. 

It is a highly anticipated release from the rapper, the track released offering a peek inside the style we can expect from his upcoming and future works, to rack up thousands of streams within the first few days.

About Gavin Brock:

Gavin Brock is a rap artist based in Wooster, Ohio of the United States. He is a brand new entrant to the music industry and identifies best with the genre of hip-hop.

He is currently making music independent of any record label or manager. 

He began his journey when he was 13-14 years of age when he first started writing his own verses and raps. Many of them he published in his school newspaper after he found out that people enjoyed them. He has always shown an affinity towards music. But the ambition really solidified in his teenage years. He finally gathered the courage and wits to drop his music online like mentioned above. And thus, Gavin Brock happened. His style is authentic and very different to what we are used to seeing from other artists from his genre. He is 18 years old at present.

He grew up in the Wooster. We asked him about what inspires him to be in the music industry and to do what it is that he does. He said that he is inspired to make music by the people who aren’t afraid of stepping outside the box to represent themselves as they are through music. He is inspired by the prospect of  improving himself and his career and to become bigger and better in the upcoming stages. He is inspired by listening and watching unique artists write and sing groundbreaking music, which in turn inspires him to write more music. To be able to witness other artists play their songs, to see the love and the dreams they put behind that one track, inspires him to do the same. 

The track Curse would be his follow up track after all his previous releases on SoundCloud.

Gavin Brock has caused a lot of stir in the new hip-hop and R&B community with his entry, and Gavin Brock is a name we expect to see a lot more in the coming years.

Where Can I Find Gavin Brock?

You can stream all of Gavin Brock’s music on SoundCloud.

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