Electro Hip-Hop Group Hyper Crush Releases New Single

The three-piece Electro Hip-Hop Group Hyper Crush has debuted a brand new track called “Repeat.” The track, which has already been released, had been in the works at their studio for some time now. 

It is a highly anticipated release from the group, causing the single track released to offer a peek inside the upcoming releases. The song itself has managed to rack up thousands of streams within the early few days.

About Hyper Crush:

Hyper Crush is a three-piece band consisting of members: Donny Fontaine as rapper, Holly Valentine as lead vocalist, and DJ/keytarist Preston Moronie. They are based in Los Angeles, California, of the United States and identify best with the genre of electronic music and hip-hop.

They are currently making music independent of any record label or manager. 

The members all had performed together since 2005. They had met one day and came up with the idea to form their band. Thus, Hypercrush came into being. 

We asked the band what inspires them to be in the music industry and do what they do. They said that they are encouraged to make music by the sheer thought of making something that belongs entirely to them. Writing music inspires them to write more music. Listening to other artists play their creation, to see the love and the dreams they put behind that one track inspires them to do the same. “It is a surreal experience.” They concluded.

This track would be a follow-up to the success of their previous releases. The group has caused a significant stir among the music community on the release of the single. 

The track currently has thousands of streams on music streaming platforms like Spotify, where you can listen to “Repeat” as well.

Where Can You Find Hyper Crush?

You can listen to Hypercrush’s latest single on Spotify along with all the previous releases by the group.

Hyper Crush is also available and active on social media platforms such as Instagram. They are also on Tiktok. You can follow them there to keep up with the group and get a glimpse of the insider life of the members of Hyper Crush.

Website: http://greg-monterrosa.mystrikingly.com/

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