Rapper Kunal Has Dropped A Brand New Single On Spotify

Kunal is an independent artist from the United States. He has recently been making a lot of headlines with his music, and rightfully so. With almost hundreds and thousands of listeners and thousands of streaming hours on Spotify, Kunal is truly a hip-hop and rap artist on the rise.

In the event of his new single ā€œFeelin’ Goodā€ coming out, we are talking about Kunal, his music, his journey and his destiny.

About Kunal:

Los Angeles-based Hip-Hop artist Kunal is a burgeoning force on the horizon. Born Kunal Singh Nischal and raised in New York, New Jersey & London. Kunalā€™s sonic style is inspired by an eclectic variety of sounds both familiar and fresh, ranging from Eminem & Kanye West all the way to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Bob Marley. The result is a dynamic, wide ranging sound centered on rhythm & lyricism that exudes a unique identity & uninhibited creativity reflective of his human experience.

Kunal’s music has an unmistakable style. It is truly distinctive, as he conveys tales of his life  through a variety of melodies and caustic beats. His selection of beats is also notable as well.

Because he spent most of his childhood in different cities and countries, Kunal got to experience a lot of diversities in culture along with the inherently diverse Punjabi roots that he had the privilege of exploring.

Kunal was never afraid to experiment. Kunal also discovered at an early age that he had a talent for expressing his ideas, feelings, and emotions into words, words that could flow easily into the minds of others, and impact them to think and feel the same. That fetched for him a huge break in the industry and the much needed exposure which gave him the momentum to launch his solo career.

He combined these talents with his love of music and started expressing his creativity with his friends and family through raps and songs. These songs were personal, poetic, and thought-provoking, tapping into his real emotions and experiences. With all of his music, Kunal is proud of his upbringing and never forgets where he came from. 

In a recent interview Kunal talked about his journey and efforts he put to make his passion into a successful career.

He puts everything into his music. His verses are plucked out from his blood, his sweat, his tears, his pulse and put onto a paper to be performed. It is all authentic, as authentic as he can be. Kunal is bringing everything that is going on in his life out onto the paper and then booming through a speaker. He also stated that the thought of making music is what catapults him into action and turning his dreams into a reality.

Currently, you can listen to this single Feelin’ Good on Spotify along with all the other songs he has released previously. 

Kunal is also available on social media platforms such as Instagram and other such sites. You can follow him there to find out more about him on a more personal level, as well as acquaint yourself with the knowledge of his upcoming music.



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