Artist Dylan Hall’s Collaboration With Ozzy Apollo Picks Up Fire On Spotify

Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall have released their newest single called FWM on Spotify which is available for streaming right now.

It has been a highly anticipated and quick collaboration and release from the artists and has performed extremely well on Spotify.

Here we talk about Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall, their life, their journey, and what he looks forward to in the future of their career.

About Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall:

Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall were born and raised in the United States. Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall is one of those underground creatives in the music industry who lets their music speak for themselves by combining real-life experiences with adept lyricism with accessibility. 

As a young child, Apollo and Hall often found themselves relying on music to keep themselves grounded in reality. They have been writing songs from their youth, when they wrote about how they had to fight through hardships and overcome a lot of adversity. They now share over significant streams on Spotify, and are rising slowly but surely in the music industry. 

They aspire to be good role models and meet up to the standards they have set for themselves as artists and a human being.

They put everything into their music. Their verses are plucked out from their blood, their sweat, their tears, their pulse, and put onto a paper to be performed. It is all authentic, as authentic as they can be. Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall are bringing everything that is going on in their life out onto the paper and then booming through a speaker. They have also stated that the thought of making music is what catapults them into action and turning their dreams into a reality.

What inspires them to be pursuing music as a career is that they both aspire to be artists of relatability and honesty while having a diverse catalog of sounds for people to enjoy. Performing is one of their greatest inspirations, they shared with us, because it is a chance to connect with the fans in a more intimate way. Throughout his career, they have worked and continue to work to uplift their own dreams in hopes to help the dreams of others.

The song FWM has been released independently by Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall, and has already racked up a significant number of streams within a day of its release.

Music & Social Media:

You can listen to Ozzy Apollo and Dylan Hall’s music on music streaming services like Spotify. Follow him there and add his songs to your playlists. – 

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