ADE Announces Virtual Event and “Extended Digital Program with Limited Physical Networking” –

After rampant speculation regarding the future of iconic dance music convention Amsterdam Dance Event, organizers have announced a virtual edition.ADE representatives published a lengthy blog post on July 23rd, 2020 detailing the impetus behind their decision. “The past four months have been one of the most unprecedented and challenging times in ADE’s history,” the post reads. “During this period, we have closely followed each new development of the COVID-19 virus and the consequent countermeasures, while choosing to stay focused on the possibilities for our 2020 edition rather than this year’s limitations.”Organizers went on to announces the conference’s inaugural foray into theh virtual space, writing that an “online-first format” is on the horizon, which will be “combining an extended digital program with limited physical networking elements.” “As always, we will combine panels, masterclasses and interactive Q&As with an extensive networking platform that enables ADE delegates to connect and meet up, both virtually as well as in real life.”Despite the announcement, many questions linger pertaining to the future of the conference. Considering the event’s size and popularity, ADE organizers maintain that while they will be liaising with government officials, the future is uncertain.You can pre-register here.FOLLOW AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT:Facebook:

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